For every sole a soul

Two brands

Fred’s vision has taken shape in two current brands. There is a specific occasion for each Fred de la Bretonière brand: the elegant Fred de la Bretonière collection and the cool and nonchalant Shabbies Amsterdam line. Two brands for different occasions, a single vision on affordable, authentic quality. A sole for every soul.

One vision

Fred de la Bretonière pairs quality with sustainability. In the brands for which Fred de la Bretonière designs his love of beautiful, honest materials, nonchalance and robustness clearly transpires. Fred loves authenticity and he likes to stick with his classics. Many Fred de la Bretonière products are made with leather that has been tanned with vegetable products; a treatment that leaves the leather sturdy and robust, but still sufficiently supple to work with. Every Fred de la Bretonière bag and each pair of shoes has a soul that complements the soul of the user. “It’s like with a pair of jeans that becomes more and more precious to you, the more you wear it.” From this vision Fred de la Bretonière set up his two brands: The Fred de la Bretonière collection and the cool Shabbies Amsterdam.